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How To Hire Employees For Small Business

Finally!  The time has come to stop guessing who to hire and begin KNOWING who fits your culture and mission, and who does not.

The important author Tom Peters says, "In short, hiring is the most important aspect of business and yet remains woefully misunderstood."

What you will discover:

  • The must-have tools for hiring
  • When is the right time to hire vs. the wrong time to hire
  • The top 5 mistakes business owners make in hiring
  • The must-have, WRITTEN, tools for hiring
  • The step-by-step hiring process that will take the guesswork out of hiring and make it an exciting time for you and your team!

What you will get:

  • Over 4,000 hours of 1-on-1 coaching experience helping business owners just like you navigating the choppy waters of hiring.
  • 15 brief, straightforward, and actionable modules filled with powerful stories, and implementable next steps
  • The exact process that hundreds of business owners have used and proven to hire the right people


Personal Experience:

I once spoke with a former COO of Disney and had a brief conversation about how he spent the allotment of time he devoted to work each week. His response was, “I spend 60% of my week trying to find the right people to bring into Disney.” In my head I’m thinking, “you mean to tell me that you are basically devoting all of Monday, all of Tuesday and all of Wednesday to finding and hiring people?” He obsessed over finding and developing the right people to fit the mission of Disney because he realized that the amusement of Disney is a commodity, you can find similar amusement at Six Flags, Carowinds, or any number of other theme parks around the world. What makes Disney of higher customer value is the non-commodity part of Disney...people. Coffee is basically coffee. What makes a great coffee experience is the barista who remembers your name and remembers that your Kindergartner just had graduation last week. Hotel rooms are basically hotel rooms. What makes a great guest stay experience is the person at the front desk making you feel like you are the only guest. Our product or service, whether it is ice cream, a five million dollar custom home, or a consultation, is simply a commodity. What makes it a repeatable experience is the person facilitating the relationship. All of the sudden you realize why the former COO of Disney would spend at least three days out of every week locked in on finding and developing the right people. Let's MAKE time to hire the right people and be equipped with this powerful course.

Scott Beebe